Vendredi 24 juin 2011

Brazil: Eight 'drug dealers' die in Rio raid

Police in Rio de Janeiro say eight suspected drug traffickers have been killed during a raid in a slum area. Nike Air Max Command The group died in two separate exchanges of gunfire - lasting several hours - in the Engenho da Rainha neighbourhood, military police said. Police said they later discovered rifles, pistols and grenades. The police have targeted a number of slums recently as they attempt to clear high-crime areas ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. 'Gunfire until dawn' The operation started on Wednesday night, when Rio's Special Operations Battalion (the Bope) entered the Engenho da Rainha favela looking for suspected drug traffickers. Coach Boots An intense firefight ensued between police and alleged gang members, and gunfire shook the neighbourhood until dawn on Thursday. Police say the first confrontation started on the Guarabu Road just before midnight, when three suspected drug traffickers were killed. According to Rio's military police, a short time later officers were fired on from another part of the favela. Five suspected traffickers were killed in the second exchange. A local resident was also injured when he was caught in the crossfire. Police said they confiscated two rifles, ammunition, three pistols, two grenades, and a quantity of drugs during the operation. Nike Air Max LeBron 8 Rio de Janeiro has long been considered one of the most violent cities in Brazil, but analysts say that among the country's urban areas it has seen the biggest fall in criminal activity in recent months.

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Jeudi 23 juin 2011

China artist Ai Weiwei released on bail

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has returned home having been freed after more than two months' detention. Air Max Shoes Outlet Online He was bailed late on Wednesday after pleading guilty to charges of tax evasion, Xinhua news agency said. An outspoken critic of China's human rights record, his arrest in April prompted a global campaign for his release. The 54-year-old said he was back home and in good health in a phone interview with the BBC. "I am already home, released on bail, I can't talk to media but I am well, thanks for all the media attention," he said. Mr Ai was detained as he boarded a Beijing flight bound for Hong Kong. coach outlet Perhaps most famous for helping design the Bird's Nest stadium that became the centre-piece for Beijing's 2008 Olympics, he was held at a secret location without access to a lawyer. Beijing alleged the artist had evaded taxes and destroyed evidence; his supporters said the charges were motivated by his activism. 'I'm out' In a statement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said his release "can only be a first step" and that China must now fully explain to Mr Ai the accusations against him. The German director of Human Rights Watch said it was "not by accident" that Mr Ai had been released shortly before Mr Wen's European visit, but warned he could now be facing further restriction on his movements. Nike Air Max "Examples from the past of other dissidents that were released have shown that released opponents of the system face strict restrictions and many have been silenced," said Wenzel Michalski. Rights group Amnesty International said Mr Ai's long detention without charge had violated China's own legal process. "It is vital that the international outcry over Ai Weiwei be extended to those activists still languishing in secret detention or charged with inciting subversion," said Amnesty's Catherine Baber. The circumstances of one of Ai Weiwei's relatives, his accountant and driver, who were detained at the same time as him, remain unknown. coach outlet British sculptor Anish Kapoor, who had led criticism of Beijing over the detention, called for the artist to be given a fair trial. "While I am thankful that he has been released, I do not think that artists should present their work in China until the situation has been resolved," said Mr Kapoor. The Indian-born sculptor had dedicated his monumental Leviathan art installation in Paris, unveiled last month, to Mr Ai. Ai Weiwei gained international recognition in the early 1980s for his monolithic brick sculptures. Air Max Online Last October, he unveiled a carpet of 100 million porcelain sunflower seeds at London's Tate Modern, which he said questioned the role of an individual in society.

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Mercredi 22 juin 2011

'La Familia cartel boss' Mendez Vargas held in Mexico

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has congratulated police on the capture of the alleged leader of one the country's top drug gangs, the La Familia cartel. Nike Dunk High Police arrested Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, also known as "The Monkey", in the central city of Aguascalientes. Mr Calderon described the capture as a great blow to organised crime. La Familia has a reputation for violence but claims to protect local communities and promote family values. Mexico's security spokesman Alejandro Poire said the arrest had "destroyed the chain of command" of the cartel. The Mexican Attorney General's Office said Mr Mendez Vargas was "responsible for the transfer and sale of cocaine, marijuana, crystal methamphetamine in various states of Mexico and the US". Nike Air Max 2011 He is also accused of having masterminded the kidnappings and killings of rival gang members. International links A previous leader of La Familia, Nazario Moreno, was killed by security forces in December 2010. Meanwhile, police in Colombia have arrested three men suspected of being senior figures in the international drugs trade. Julian Hernando Dias Porras, also known as "The Horseman", Orlando Rodriguez Castrillon, aka "The Indian", and Argemiro Sierra Pastrana, whose alias is the "Grey-Haired One", are wanted on charges of trafficking drugs from Colombia across most of Latin America, and to the US and Europe. Nike outlet The Colombian authorities said they would be extradited to Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina respectively.

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Mardi 21 juin 2011

Tunisia's Ben Ali sentenced to jail in absentia

A Tunisian court has sentenced ousted Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his wife Leila to 35 years in prison for theft and other charges. Nike outlet The couple, who left Tunisia for Saudi Arabia after a popular uprising in January, were being tried in absentia. The court also ordered them to pay a $66m (£41m) fine. The trial began on Monday on accusations of theft, corruption and drug smuggling, which the former president had denied. The presiding judge also said that a verdict on other charges - relating to illegal possession of drugs and weapons - would be announced on 30 June. In a statement issued earlier on Monday, Ben Ali said he had taken his family to Saudi Arabia on 14 January for safety. Air Max Shoes Outlet Online He said he had intended to return to Tunisia immediately, but the plane left without him, "disobeying my instructions". Ben Ali's lawyers had argued that the trial was an attempt by Tunisia's interim government to divert attention from their failure to restore stability in the country. The Saudi authorities have yet to respond to an extradition request from Tunisia for the couple. 'A joke' The second case - targeting Ben Ali only - involves weapons and drugs reportedly found in his presidential palace. Almost 2kg (4.4lb) of drugs, believed to be cannabis, and $27m (£16.4m; 18.7m euros) in cash were allegedly discovered. Nike sb shoes Speaking from Beirut, Ben Ali's lawyer Akram Azouri told the BBC the sentence was "a joke". "Don't forget that the drug and the money were found three months after the president left his palace. "And don't forget that I am the lawyer for President Ben Ali, and I requested the Tunisian authority to allow me to defend him, and the authorisation was not given to me. So this is a joke, this is a continuation of the political judgement, that has already been issued and executed. "And I'm very happy now I think that President Ben Ali can go to London and no court of justice can recognise this judgement," Mr Azouri said. Ben Ali is also being investigated on suspicion of murder, abuse of power, trafficking of archaeological artefacts and money laundering. Nike Air Max Speaking through his lawyers on Sunday, Ben Ali mounted a defence of his 23 years as president, which many Tunisians say was marked by autocratic rule, corruption and human rights abuses. "He would like everyone to know this criminal prosecution is only a false and shameful image of victor's justice," a statement said. "Is the purpose behind that [trial] to divert the attention of Tunisians from the turmoil that nobody can accuse him of or hold him responsible for? "He knows that every new political authority wants to blame its predecessor and hold it responsible for difficulties it fails to resolve." nike dunk shoes The statement also appealed to Tunisians not to forget Ben Ali's achievements. "He hopes from his heart that Tunisia escapes chaos and darkness and continues on its path towards modernity," the statement said.

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Lundi 20 juin 2011

Greece: Eurozone ministers set to approve latest loan

Eurozone finance ministers are meeting in Luxembourg, where they are expected to approve a 12bn-euro (£10-bn) loan to debt-stricken Greece. Nike Dunk SB Mid The loan is the latest tranche of a 110bn-euro EU and IMF aid package. The finance chiefs are also expected to discuss a second bail-out for Greece. PM George Papandreou confirmed that talks were taking place about a new deal "roughly equal" to the first. Mr Papandreou urged a "national accord" in parliament to deal with the crisis. "I have asked for a renewal of confidence in the government, because the country finds itself at a crucial point," he told parliament, at the start of three days of debate. Cheap Air Max Mr Papandreou reshuffled his cabinet on Friday, with former Defence Minister Evangelos Venizelos replacing George Papaconstantinou as Finance Minister. Arriving at the Luxembourg meeting, Mr Venizelos said Greece remained fully committed to the financial aid programme from the EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and to achieving its targets. "It is a great opportunity for me to repeat the strong commitment of the Greek government and the strong will of the Greek people for the implementation of the programme," he told reporters. "We can achieve our target, thanks to the efforts of our people, and thanks to the co-operation and the assistance of our partners." Nike outlet In Athens, thousands of protesters have again gathered outside parliament in Syntagma Square. They want changes to the austerity programme due to be voted on next week. Waving banners and Greek flags, they shouted "Thieves! Traitors!". "Most of the people here want all the measures to be rescinded and a part of the debt to be written off, or all of it, at least the part that comes from banks," businessman Grigoris Demestika, 39, said. Referendum Inside the building, members of parliament have begun a three-day debate on the package, which will culminate in a vote of confidence on Tuesday. Nike Air Max 2011 New short-term funding is dependent on the government winning that vote, says the BBC's Gavin Hewitt, in Athens. In May last year, the EU and IMF agreed to lend Greece 110bn euros, but the loan is conditional on the government implementing a series of painful domestic reforms which have sparked nationwide strikes, rallies and violent riots on the streets of Athens. Greece needs the latest tranche to avoid defaulting on its looming debts. Mr Papandreou told parliament the country would soon run out of money if politicians did not take action. Women Nike Dunk SB High The prime minister said his priority was "a national accord to tackle the Greek debt and deficit which are a national problem", warning that the image of disunity was damaging the country's reputation. But he also said a reform of the political system was needed, and proposed a referendum later this year on possible changes to the constitution. However, opposition politicians who oppose the government's austerity plans rejected Mr Papandreou's appeal and asked why the public should be asked to make sacrifices in vain. There were calls for Mr Papandreou to resign and call elections. Nike Air Max 2010
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Vendredi 17 juin 2011

Gang warfare kills 33 in Monterrey, Mexico

Mexican officials say 33 people have been killed in the space of 24 hours in Mexico's industrial capital, Monterrey. cheap nike shoes store Security officials in the northern state of Nuevo Leon, where Monterrey is located, said most of those killed had links to the country's drug cartels. But two of the victims were identified as bodyguards of the governor of Nuevo Leon, Rodrigo Medina. Police said a threatening message addressed to Mr Medina had been found next to the bodies. Mr Medina said the threats would not stop his determination to beat organised crime. A spokesman for the Nuevo Leon Security Council, Jorge Domene Zambrano, said the killings were almost all connected to a deadly battle for control of the region between rival drug cartels. Air Max Outlet "Only five have links to the authorities - the two bodyguards, and three guards from Cadereyta prison," he explained. According to the authorities, five presumed gang members were killed in a battle with the army and 10 people died in a confrontation between rival gangs. The bodies of the remaining victims were found dumped in various parts of the city and, in some cases, hanged from bridges. The state is the stronghold of the Zetas, thought to be one of Mexico's most violent drug cartels. They are engaged in a deadly battle with the Gulf, Sinaloa, and La Familia gangs. Nike Dunk High
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